Wednesday, October 1, 2008


First Halloween inspired releases:

Pumpkin Chair!

Gosh I made a pic with the two avatar seated just to realize that the pumpkin couldn't be seen properly, well, the pic now probably sucks, but the pumpkin rocks, trust me :)
BTW, the script will give you the stupid "PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION permission not set" on the first rez (your avatar will sit properly anyway), I'm still trying to figure out why exactly because the script had worked perfectly fine until now (and it is the same I've made for the Strawberry Chair which won't give you this message), I guess I'll found a fix sooner or later *shakes fist at SL*
SL took it in the @ss this time, I FIXED IT!!! :D

Pumpkin Backpack!

Because I can :D

From tomorrow the dresses I've made for Passions of Black Swan will be available in my store, in case you were wondering what would have happened to them after the event :)