Monday, October 26, 2009

Werewolf? There wolf!

Tired of being a neko/fox/fluffy bunny?
Become a werewolf today! "How?" you might ask... nothing simpler with the new "Werewolf insta-kit"™ provided by: yours truly, Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc. & MissAllSunday Lemon of Wasabi Pills.

Ahahaha... Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc. just came out with her new selection of "Hybrid" skins and me and Miss joined forces to provide accessories for the perfect wolf look.

This is my part:

The werewolf ears come in two versions (both in the same package): plain & decorated. They're thought specifically for the new Fallen Gods Inc.' Hybrid Fur skins, the jewellery is texture change and you can choose among 4 colours, which are the ones in which the skins are offered.
The claws have the same textures option. Please bear in mind that they won't attach properly in no-script zones and that they might not work with some AOs (blame the way SL works, not me)

Aren't you dying to look like this?
Get the Fur skins here: Fallen Gods Inc. Island
Get the hair here: Wasabi Pills Main Store
Ears and Claws can be found in my main store (link on the right of the page) AND in any of the previous two.

The skins are provided in male AND female versions, the accessories (hair included) are all UNISEX and already sized for the original shapes (but also fully MOD, so that you can adapt them to your shape easily).

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